8x8 USB MIDI Interface


The UM-880 is the most powerful, easy to use MIDI interface/MIDI patcher available. The vast majority of functions are available through either one or two button commands on the front panel. With eight sets of MIDI inputs and outputs, the UM-880 lets you simultaneously control up to 128 channels. It’s easy to connect to your computer—simply connect a USB cable and you’re done. The UM-880 is hot-swappable, so you can plug and unplug the UM-880 even while your computer is on. You can also use up to four UM-880 units simultaneously, expanding your system to 512 channels. The UM-880 features hardware MIDI patcher functionality. MIDI can be routed directly, simply by pressing the panel buttons; and there are none of the complicated settings that are all too common on software patchers. The hardware MIDI patcher makes use of HDMR (Hardware Direct MIDI Routing) technology to ensure low-latency. The UM-880 can also act as a stand-alone MIDI patcher with eight memory locations where you can store patch settings.

MIDI connectors (In: 8, Out: 8)
USB connector (Front / Rear, USB TYPE B)
Power Supply
AC117, 230 or 240V
Power Consumption
8 W
Owner’s manual
Function list
Power cable
USB cable
Size and Weight
482 mm
19 inches
202 mm
8 inches
44 mm
1-3/4 inches
2.4 kg
5 lbs. 5 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.


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