Classic EPs SRX Expansion Board


Roland’s Finest EP & Clav Collection

Classic electric pianos and Clavs are hotter now than ever. Introducing the SRX-12: the finest sound library of coveted EPs and Clavs to bear the Roland logo. It painstakingly captures every note of the source electric pianos and every pickup setting of the source Clav. It can be installed in any SRX-compatible Roland instrument, but Fantom-X owners are in for an extra special treat with this collection thanks to its enhanced Piano Mode features.

Amazingly Authentic

Prepare yourself for the most meticulously sampled EPs and Clavs you’ve ever laid fingers on. Recorded at 197kHz with the finest microphones and converters, and with every note precisely sampled at multiple velocities, the SRX-12, simply, has no equal. The audio detail and programming expertise that went into this collection adds up to a stunningly authentic sound with incredible expression and playability.

Fantom-X Advantage

Owners of Roland’s Fantom-X6/X7/X8 will enjoy an extra bonus when purchasing the SRX-12. With the SRX-12 installed in a Fantom-X, extra pages are added to the Fantom-X’s Piano Mode that let you select and graphically edit the EPs and Clavs quickly and easily. While these special Piano Mode features are only available to Fantom-X6/7/8 users, the SRX-12 can be used with any SRX-compatible instrument.

SRX Compatibility

All SRX-series expansion boards, including the SRX-12, are compatible with the following:

  • Roland Fantom-S/S88*
  • Roland Fantom-X6/7/8/XR/Xa
  • Roland G-70
  • Roland JUNO-G
  • Roland MC-909
  • Roland RD-700/700SX
  • Rodgers MX-200
  • Roland VR-760 V-Combo
  • Roland XV-88/2020/3080/5050/5080
*Version 1.06 and higher


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