MIDI Keyboard Controller


Minor size, major convenience... Have you ever wished your keyboard could shrink, so you could carry it with you on the plane, in your car, or along with your laptop computer? Have you ever wished it was in arm's reach of your desktop computer, on your desk, where you need it? Countless times already these problems have been answered with the Roland PC-160. Weighing less than 3 lbs. and measuring under two feet in length, the PC-160 qualifies as the most powerful compact, portable keyboard ever. With 32 full-size velocity-sensitive keys, pitchbend, modulation and an assignable slider you have at your fingertips more control than is available in many full-length controllers. So next time you get up and walk across the room to play that string section, or wish you could take your keyboard on the plane, think to yourself, "I need a PC-160." Steinberg Cubasis AV for Mac/Win included.



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