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Convert Your 22-Inch Acoustic Kick Drum into a Trigger for V-Drums Modules

If you love the look and feel of your traditional acoustic bass drum, the Roland KD-A22 Kick Drum Converter lets you incorporate it into your V-Drums setup. This new trigger package fits to a standard 22-inch acoustic bass drum, giving you striking stage presence and acoustic-style feel thanks to Roland’s innovative air-damping mechanics working alongside the deep drum shell. The package includes everything you need to convert your 22-inch bass drum*—a front head, a batter head with a kick-pad sensor unit, and a 22-inch metal hoop. The KD-A22 provides stable, consistent, and accurate triggering for your setup, and is fully compatible with double kick pedals.




Compatible size of acoustic bass drum
22 inches
Required dimensions of bass drum
Height: under 590 mm, under 23-1/4 inches (*1)
Width : under 620 mm, under 24-7/16 inches (*1)
Distance of between Lug and Lug for attach Kick Pedal : over 130 mm, over 5-1/8 inches

*1 Using MDS-50K/MDS-50KV (drum stand), including the attached Kick Pedal and other component.
Front head (black, with Roland/V-Drums logo)
Batter head (clear, with kick pad)
Batter board (black, with trigger jack)
Batter hoop (black, metal-made, with kick pedal holder)
1/4-inch phone type
Owner's manual
Connection cable
Drum key

* 22-inch acoustic bass drum is not included
Weight (excluding acoustic bass drum)
3.9 kg
8 lbs. 10 oz.
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KD-A22 Quick Start

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