HD-1 Drum Tutor


Drum Tutorial Software for HD-1

Roland’s HD-1 V-Drums Lite is a big hit with beginners around the world. To enhance the HD-1 experience and help drummers learn the fundamentals, Roland has created DT-HD1, a fun, educational, interactive software application. Connect your HD-1 to a PC via USB, launch the software, and play along and learn.

Drum Notation Screen, Game Screen
Preset Pattern
Basic (only drum pattern): 8, Primary: 10, Advanced: 16
Quarter note = 20 to 250
Notes that can be shown in the Notation Area
Values: longer than 8th note triplets, Velocity: 20 or greater, Note number: corresponds to the pads of the HD-1, MIDI channel: 10
Playable Song Files
Format: Standard MIDI Files (Format 0/1), Number of Measures: 999 or less, Number of Events: 99,999 or less, Resolution: 24 ticks per quarter note or more
UM-1G USB-MIDI Interface, HD-1 Drum Tutor CD-ROM, Audio Cable, Cable Tie, Install Guide
System Requirements
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Microsoft Windows Vista
* This does not work with the 64-bit Edition of Windows®, CPU/Clock: Intel Core™, Pentium processor 1.2 GHz or higher (2.0 GHz or higher is recommended), RAM: 512 MB or more, Hard Disk: 25 MB or more, Display/ Colors: 1024 x 768 or higher/65,536 colors (16 Bit High Color) or more, Others: CD-ROM Drive, USB Port
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.


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