Discontinuation of V-Drums Friend Jam.


Thank you for enjoying your V-Drums with our V-Drums Friend Jam and V-Drums Friend Jam Kids applications.
Regrettably, Roland is officially announcing plans to discontinue the V-Drums Friend Jam and V-Drums Friend Jam Kids applications service and support from March 31st, 2018.

Roland has recently announced Melodics for V-Drums - free to download and includes 40 songs to enjoy, with an option to purchase more songs and content.
We're confident our valued customers will enjoy the challenges and interactivity that Melodics for V-Drums offers.

Notice for registered V-Drums Friend Jam customers:
  • The V-Drums Friend Jam desktop and iOS applications will no longer be available to download after discontinuation on 31st March 2018
  • Any customer that has already downloaded the applications can continue to open and use them. However, worldwide ranking will be disable and no further support will not be available.
  • Roland assumes no liability concerning the trouble caused by using the apps after the discontinuation.

[ Q&A ]
Q: Why has Roland discontinued the V-Drums Friend Jam application and service?
As our systems and servers dedicated to V-Drums Friend Jam become older, they need considerable maintenance and update. We therefore took the decision to invest in a partnership with Melodics, to offer the new platform and the next chapter in our interactive software for V-Drums
Q: What does "discontinuation of the service" mean?
We will stop running the server that hosts V-Drums Friend Jam and V-Drums Friend Jam kids on 31st March 2018. After this date, the applications will no longer be downloadable and no update to applications, compatibility with computer operating systems will be offered and no support for using this application will be available
Q: What will happen after the discontinuation?
For those customers who have already downloaded the V-Drums Friend Jam and V-Drums Friend Jam Kids applications to their computer, it is possible to start up and use the application, still. But, performances cannot be entered in to the worldwide ranking charts.
Q: Is there a plan to re-start V-Drums Friend Jam in the future?
At this time, we do not have an intention or plan to restart V-Drums Friend Jam. However, we have launched a new software application dedicated to V-Drums. Melodics for V-Drums offers play-a-long songs and interactive lessons with your V-Drums in a way that is familiar to users of V-Drums Friend Jam. It's time to accept a new challenge - download Melodics for V-Drums and enjoy