JUNO-106 Synth-Pop by Espen Kraft

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JUNO-106 Synth-Pop by Espen Kraft
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’80s-Inspired Synth-Pop Sounds for the JUNO-106 Software Synthesizer

Reach back in time and revisit the dreamy sounds of the 1980s with the JUNO-106 Synth-Pop collection by Espen Kraft. These 32 patches for Roland’s ACB recreation of the JUNO-106 pay homage to the transformative and cerebral beauty of early synthesizer-driven pop music.

About JUNO-106 Synth-Pop

Norwegian sound designer Espen Kraft has a passion for the 1980s: “The moment I use the JUNO-106, inspiration just comes pouring over me. With the memory of all those classic ’80s pop songs and of that time, I instantly start creating sounds that transport me back there.”

In creating JUNO-106 Synth-Pop, Espen utilized the full power and versatility of the JUNO-106. With massive bass articulations, impressionistic pads, and geometric arpeggiations, this patch collection will saturate your compositions with sounds worthy of the New Romantics.

JUNO-106 Synth-Pop Sound Examples

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