Updates & Drivers

  • FR-7x/FR-3x/FR-1x Set Editor Ver.1.01 for Windows/Macintosh

    The "FR-7x/FR-3x/FR-1x Set Editor" is an application designed to create new Sets for your FR-7x, FR-3x and FR-1x accordions. Please refer to the "FR_SetEditor_e1.pdf" included in the download for more information about the Set Editor.

  • FR-3X/FR-3XB System Update Version 1.05

    This is the latest version of operating system for the FR-3X/3XB. After downloading and extracting the compressed file, please refer to the “FR-3X/3XB_System_Update_Procedure” pdf document included for the update procedure.

  • 1_Alpine Sound Expansion

    This is a sound expansion set that includes orchestra sounds and accordion sounds that are easy to use in such music as oberkrainer and German folk music.

  • 2_Dallapè Sound Expansion

    This is a sound expansion set that contains Dallapè accordion sounds.
    It includes legendary Dallapè accordion tones from such historic Dallapè models as Liturgica and Centenario.
    * This is preloaded in the FR-4x.