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Aerophone Pro Editor
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Customize Your Aerophone Pro for Maximum Expression

The free Aerophone Pro Editor app lets you customize Aerophone Pro tones and set up the instrument to perfectly match your playing style. Connect wirelessly with your mobile device to edit sounds via deep parameters only available in the app, call up favorite sounds with quick screen touches while performing, and much more.

Create your own sounds.

The Aerophone Pro Editor unlocks the ability to create your own multi-layered tones. Adjust every parameter of a Scene, and edit ZEN-Core tones by blending virtual analog and PCM sounds—just like in Roland’s professional synthesizers.

Make your sounds shine.

Aerophone Pro’s powerful onboard effects let you take a great sound and make it even better. The reverb, chorus, and delay effects and 35 curated multi-effects can be fine-tuned more deeply in the editor app, allowing you to perfectly shape every sound.

Personalize Aerophone Pro for your playing style.

With the app’s advanced features, you can personalize your Aerophone Pro to a very deep level. Configure detailed assignments for breath, bite, and thumb control and save them with each sound, and adjust curves and value ranges to dial in the ideal response for your technique. MIDI control information can be customized as well, optimizing the response when using Aerophone Pro to trigger external sound modules and software-based instruments.

Recall your favorite sounds instantly.

With the app’s Favorite screen, you can register and quickly select the sounds that inspire you the most. Favorites can be recalled with a single touch, allowing you to instantly reconfigure your Aerophone Pro for different gigs, playing styles, and practice sessions.

Manage Aerophone Pro Scenes with the Librarian.

Easily manage Aerophone Pro Scenes with the integrated Librarian, including saving your own custom creations and chaining your Scenes into set lists. You can save and recall Scenes using your mobile device or cloud storage service, making it easy to share your favorite sounds with friends, bandmates, or other Aerophone players.



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