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The Easy Way to Create Split-Screen Music Videos on Your Mobile Device

Roland’s 4XCAMERA is a unique iOS/Android app that allows you to create impressive music videos with up to four performances split on the screen. Start by capturing one video performance to the app, which becomes your guide. Then sing or play along and capture up to three more performances, adding new parts on each pass. As you perform, sound is recorded via your device’s built-in mic or a connected audio capture device like GO:MIXER PRO/PRO-X.

With just 4XCAMERA and a smartphone or tablet, it’s easy to get creative and take your video performances to new levels. And by sharing 4XCAMERA video projects through cloud-based storage, multiple musicians can contribute performances to your songs from anywhere in the world! The latest version adds integrated access to free video clips featuring live drummers, letting you spice up songs with on-demand backing.

4XCAMERA is available for free on the App Store or Google Play, with included support for two video performances at once. iOS users can upgrade to full functionality via a small in-app purchase, while Android users can download the full version on Google Play for a small fee. GO:MIXER PRO/PRO-X owners can access full functionality with no upgrade fee.

Capture and Publish Multi-Layered Music Performances Using Your Phone or Tablet

With 4XCAMERA on your mobile device, it’s quick and simple to create split-screen videos of original music and cover songs all by yourself, and you never have to hassle with a complicated video editing program. After you’ve finished shooting, just select one of the 10 split-screen patterns, adjust volumes for each video, trim the beginning and end as needed, and then render a final file for sharing on YouTube and other social media sites.

Use Songs from Your Music Library as Guide Tracks

From within 4XCAMERA, you can access songs from the music library on your device and use them as guides for creating vocal and instrumental performances. Simply select a song and discretely monitor the sound on headphones as you perform along and capture your initial video. Only your performance audio is recorded in the video, providing a solid foundation for capturing additional performances for your split-screen project.

Collaborate with Other Musicians, at Home or Around the World

You can work on performance videos with anyone else who has the 4XCAMERA app, no matter where they’re located. After you start a 4XCAMERA video project and capture one or more performances, just upload the in-progress project to your favorite cloud storage location and share it with one or more collaborators. They can then download the project to their device, import it into the app, and add their own to performances to what you’ve started!

Perform with Live Drum Backing Anytime You Want

With Version 1.1 of 4XCAMERA, you now have on-demand access to real drum backing for your performances. From within the app, you can download one-minute video clips that feature drummers playing grooves in a variety of styles. Then jam and sing along with your virtual session drummer while capturing your parts. After shooting, finish off the video by applying a split-screen pattern and making adjustments as desired.

Upgrade Your Production Quality with GO:MIXER Series

To create engaging video content that attracts viewers, the sound is just as important as the visuals. GO:MIXER PRO/PRO-X is the ideal partner for 4XCAMERA, allowing you to connect and mix a professional mic, musical instruments, and other audio sources and record them in high quality as you shoot. What’s more, connecting GO:MIXER PRO/PRO-X to your mobile device unlocks full functionality in the free version of 4XCAMERA, eliminating the need for a paid upgrade.

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4XCAMERA Quick Start

4XCAMERA Quick StartStep-By-Step Instructions

These Quick Start Videos contain step-by-step instructions that will quickly introduce you to 4XCAMERA’s top features.Read more…



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