Entertainment Module


All the Fun, All In One

What if you could fully control musical and video content while singing at home or at an entertainment resort? What if you could sing accompanied by the best sound generation technology? What if you could have a mixer, external effect processors and video controls in one complete unit? With the Roland VIMA JM-8 you’ll get great flexibility to satisfy all your needs. With two microphones inputs, vocal effects and a video output for displaying song lyrics, chords or scores via an external screen, it’s perfect for Karaoke in shops, bars, schools, private homes and concert venues. A new era of entertainment has started.

All in One

Get rid of all the untidy cables you once needed! The JM-8 is a single unit exclusively dedicated to live performances. A separate mixer and external effects processors are no longer needed, meaning less to carry, and quicker to set-up.

Enjoy Karaoke

Enjoy singing together! The JM-8 can play back audio files (WAV or MP3) and Standard MIDI (SMF) files. There is no need to buy dedicated “karaoke versions” of the music you wish to perform. You can minimize the vocal sounds of an audio file (using the Center Cancel function) and sing the vocal part (or play the solo guitar part) yourself. Two microphones can be connected at the same time (or one microphone and one electric guitar) for an amazing show. Your musical event can be recorded instantly thanks to the “Audio Recording” function and later burned to CD, so you can listen to your performances whenever you want.

Enhance Your Vocal Performances

Have you ever dreamed of having a superbly rich, deep voice? Thanks to the Voice transformer you can change the sound of your voice into a robot, animal or a member of the opposite sex. Also thanks to the harmony features you can add automatic harmonies (up to 4 voices) simply by singing along with an SMF song.

Create Your Own Playlist

Thanks to the JM-8’s Playlist function, you can program set lists for your performances, so you won’t need to spend time looking for the desired songs on stage. This functionality also allows you to use the JM-8 for background music purposes while nobody is singing or playing. You can also prepare the next song while the current one is still running, with smooth transition between the two.

Clever Library

Finding your favourite songs in your library is simple. Now you can work with a huge number of songs in the internal hard disk-drive, on USB storage devices, or on CD-ROM thanks to a sophisticated search function.

Audio-Video Interactivity

The JM-8 includes several video functions that allow you to display song lyrics, picture slideshows, notation of the songs you want to play, and video signals from external devices on the internal display, an external screen or both, with the option to overlay the song lyrics.

Slide Shows of Your Photographs

The JM-8 can use your own photos to create slide shows that can run while you are performing or listening to your favourite music. Your digital camera can be connected directly to the JM-8’s USB port for on-the-fly slide shows. Several dedicated functions allow you to enhance your slide shows with dynamic effects (“ANIME” function).

Extremely Intuitive User Interface

The JM-8 was designed to be simple to use. The big full-colour touch-sensitive screen provides direct access to the available functions.

Real-Time Access to All Connect Storage Devices

A USB port is included for storage and backup, along with an internal 120 GB hard disk and CD-ROM drive. Access and data playback using all storage devices is immediate and permanent.

Powerful MIDI Module

The JM-8 internal sound source can be controlled via MIDI (from a MIDI accordion, a MIDI keyboard, or a computer).

Sound source
SSC Sound Engine
Max polyphony
128 voices (GM2/GS/XG Lite compatible)
1091 tones, 57 Drum Sets
Multitimbral parts
Reverb: 5 types
Guitar Effects
MFX: 10 types
Vocal Effects (MIC1)
Auto Harmony (4 types), Transformer (9 types), Vocal External Keyboard(1 type)
SMF song section
Reverb (8 types), Chorus (8 types), MFX A, B, C (84 types), Parametric EQ, Multi-band compressor
Real-time player (from: internal hard disk, CD drive, USB storage device)
SMF (Format 0/1), KAR, MP3, CD audio, CD-ROM, VIMA TUNES
Song Chord Extractor
Automatic chord detection for SMF files
List of favourite songs for automatic playback
Audio files, SMF, pictures
Song Cover
30 types
Text import
SMF Makeup Tools
Instrument-oriented editing
Recording / CD Burning
Records audio files (Wav, 44,1kHz/16-bit linear format)
Burning via internal CD drive Wav (44,1kHz/16-bit linear format)
Slide Shows
Built-in, any picture folder (on internal/external media), VIMA TUNES, Digital camera and USB storage device, Picture folder linked to songs
Internal photos
450 Jpeg files
Slide Show effects
13 transition effects
13 transition effects
Anime /Smooth footage
8 presets controlled by SMF or external keyboard
Movies (VIDEO IN)
External DVD or video camera
Available only for SMF
Piano Roll
Data Storage
Hard Disk
1 internal hard disk (120 GB)
CD Drive
1 internal CD Drive (read
Host connection for USB storage devices
Panel Controls
Master Vol, Backing, Audio In, Mic1, Reverb(Mic1), Mic2/Guitar, Reverb(Mic2/Guitar)
1x1/4’’ jack
Audio inputs
AUDIO IN R, L (RCA); 1xMIC1 (XLR or ¼’’); 1 x MIC2/Guitar (XLR or ¼’’)
Video input
1x composite
USB ports
1x USB Host (external memory, data storage); 1x USB-MIDI (reception and transmission)
MIDI socket
MIDI IN (V-LINK function)
Pedal input
Control Pedal (for pedal switch, assignable function)
Video output (PAL
1 x RGB; 1x composite
Audio Outputs
AUDIO R, L MONO (184’’ phone sockets)
Power Supply
12V, DC adaptor, supplied PSB-7U adaptor
Size and Weight
387 mm
15-1/4 inches
295 mm
11-5/8 inches
90 mm
3-9/16 inches
4.5 kg
9 lbs. 15 oz.
In the interest of product improvement, the specifications and/or appearance of this unit are subject to change without prior notice.


Updates & Drivers


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