Wireless USB Adapter

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Creative Connectivity with Roland Gear and Smartphone/Tablet

The WNA-1 is a simple, compact wireless USB adapter for innovative wireless connecting system that allows Roland electronic musical instruments to communicate fluidly with smartphone/tablet. By simply connecting the WNA-1 to your supported Roland instrument, a new world of enjoyment with your electronic instruments will open. Use the smartphone/tablet apps and a wireless USB adapter to enhance your skills and enjoyment—from easy remote access, to recording and practicing to participating in online worldwide rankings with drummers from around the world.

Use supported apps and expand your network of fun

V-Drums Friend Jam for iPhone is a social-networking tool where drummers from around the world can compete. Piano Partner is a unique iPad app that provides a fresh, interactive way to learn music and digital notation of onboard songs to play a piano. There are still many apps to expand your network of fun. Check out the full lineup of apps from Roland and BOSS!

Supports a variety of instruments

The WNA-1 supports a variety of Roland electronic musical instruments to communicate fluidly with iPhone/iPad/Android.

Easy connection to the USB jack on your instrument

Simply connect the WNA-1 Wireless USB Adapter to the USB port of your supported Roland instrument, and launch the smartphone/tablet app.

WNA-1 Compatible Models
Combo Organ
V-Combo VR-09
Digital Pianos
RD-800, RD-700NX, RD-300NX, FP-80, FP-50, LX-15e, LX-15, HPi-50e, HPi-50, HP508, HP507, HP506, HP505, HP504, HP503, DP90Se, DP90S, DP90e, DP90, RP401R, F-130R, F-20

*When you use WNA-1 with RD-800/700NX/300NX or FP-80/50, please note that USB port of these instruments is narrow.
TD-30, TD-15, TD-11
Video Products
XS-84H, XS-83H, XS-82H



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