Aerophone ProDigital Wind Instrument

Aerophone Pro

A new voice for wind players.

Roland’s Aerophone series has opened a new world of creative possibilities for wind instrument players, and Aerophone Pro delivers the most expressive and playable experience yet. With a refined design, premium components, and a vast sonic palette from our most advanced sound engines, Aerophone Pro takes your music where it’s never gone before.

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Enhanced by experts.

While developing the Aerophone Pro, we reached out to expert wind players around the globe to see how we could take the Aerophone experience to the next level. Their feedback led to many thoughtful improvements that substantially enhance the instrument’s look, feel, sound, and playability. The result is a revolutionary wind instrument that gives musicians a new and highly expressive voice.

Refined design.

With just one look at the Aerophone Pro, you’ll notice the sleek new design and premium materials. The shape not only looks great, but is thinner and easier to hold for a more confident playing experience. Controls are easy to reach, and the streamlined body with aluminum accents exude an understated-yet-classy appearance. The discrete OLED screen feels like an integral part of the instrument and can be viewed at any angle in any kind of lighting.

Play with passion.

Aerophone Pro makes it easy to channel your creativity and lose yourself in the moment. Adjustable fingering is the same as a flute, clarinet, or saxophone (complete with a high-F# key), so you already know how to play it. And the new motion sensor, configurable controls for both hands, and a MIDI input for footswitches greatly expand your performance options. Through extensive research and development, the breath and bite sensors are more responsive and expressive than ever, with low latency and configurable settings to suit your unique playing style.

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Authentic brass, woodwinds, strings, and more.

Aerophone Pro packs an entire brass and woodwind section into a single instrument. Developed closely with professional wind instrument players, there are newly enhanced soprano, alto, and tenor saxes, vibrant new trumpet sounds, and authentic world instruments like the stunning new duduk. Our SuperNATURAL technology translates every nuance of your playing with lifelike dynamics, articulations, and overtones. Multiple custom fingerings are supported, while new controller options enable idiomatic performance techniques on a range of instruments, from mainstream to exotic.

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Our best synthesizer sounds.

With Roland’s ZEN-Core Synthesis System, Aerophone Pro is an immensely capable wind synthesizer. ZEN-Core is our latest sound engine that powers flagship synthesizers like FANTOM and JUPITER-X, and Aerophone Pro features presets crafted by the world’s foremost wind synth sound designers. You get everything from vintage analog synth tones to modern hybrid sounds—with the expression and articulation only a wind instrument can provide.

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Explore new sonic territory.

Roland Cloud opens a world of possibilities for expanding your sonic palette with Wave Expansions, Sound Packs, and tones created with other instruments based on the ZEN-Core Synthesis System. There are even Sound Packs designed especially for Aerophone Pro that take full advantage of its unique controls and expressive articulations.


Take the stage. And the studio.

Aerophone Pro enables powerful and expressive performances in any situation. Its robust design and flexible audio and MIDI connections make it perfect for any gig, or as the center of a wind controller-based production studio. And with a headphone jack, Bluetooth MIDI, built-in speaker, and battery-powered operation, you can pick up and play whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

Sound management.

Aerophone Pro’s powerful onboard editing tools let you personalize sounds on the spot. Even deeper customization is available through the editor app, where you can also manage sound libraries for different playing situations. And with easily selectable scene memories and favorites, you can quickly navigate the vast array of tones and mark them for instant recall.

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Aerophone Pro

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Tech Specs

A versatile and expressive instrument for serious players.

With Aerophone Pro, you can choose a single sound for an entire performance or switch through a series of sounds for different parts of a song. And no matter what you choose, every nuance of your technique is translated to your audience. Check out this performance of Change by MAE.SUN where Hailey Niswanger combines her passionate playing with Aerophone Pro’s diverse sonic palette.

Aerophone Pro Version 2.0 Update — Unlock a new universe of sounds.

Watch how the Aerophone Pro Version 2.0 update expands the instrument’s playing possibilities with added features, integrations, and sounds. Learn about the motion sensor, new and improved sounds, new fingering modes, and more. Plus, discover how Roland Cloud support broadens your sonic potential through Wave Expansions, Sound Packs, and other tones.

A world of creative possibilities on stage and in the studio.

Keith Mcelley shows the creative possibilities of Aerophone Pro, with its customizable controllers and wide range of over 300 sounds. See how Aerophone Pro can reproduce acoustic instruments with natural articulations and take you into uncharted territory with electronic and hybrid tones.

Acoustic, electronic, and hybrid sounds designed for wind players.

Watch as wind instrument expert Alistair Parnell artfully demonstrates a range of Aerophone Pro’s evocative and inspiring sounds. With hundreds of professionally crafted tones to choose from, you’ll find new creative potential for composition, performance, and production.

Key Layout
Saxophone compatible
Sound Generator
ZEN-Core SuperNATURAL acoustic
4 Parts (Drum: 1 Part)
Preset Memory
Preset Scenes: more than 300
User Memory
User Scenes: 600
Favorite Scenes: 12
Breath sensor
Bite sensor
Performance keys
Octave keys
Thumb lever
Thumb pad
S1/S2 button
Scene buttons
Menu buttons
Scene category knob
Transpose knob
MIDI control switch
Motion sensor
Ver 4.2
Profile Support: A2DP (Audio), GATT (MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy)
Codec: SBC (Support to the content protection of the SCMS-T method)
Graphic OLED 128 x 32 dots
PHONES jack: stereo miniature phone type
OUTPUT jack: stereo 1/4-inch phone type
MIDI (IN/OUT) jack
DC IN jack
External Memory
USB Flash drive (Type-C, sold separately)
Speaker Amplifier Power Output
1.5 W x 2
2.8 cm x 2
Power Supply
AC adaptor (DC 5.7 V)
Ni-MH battery (AA, HR6) (sold separately) x 6
Current Draw
915 mA
Battery life for continuous use (differs depending on the conditions of use)
Ni-MH batteries: approximately 6 hours (When using batteries having a capacity of 1,900 mAh.)

* Carbon-zinc or alkaline batteries cannot be used
Owner's manual
Leaflet "USING THE UNIT SAFELY" AC adaptor
Mouthpiece cap
USB cable (Type C - Type A) Thumb hook cover (2 types)
Water Basin
Dedicated hand carry bag
Options (sold separately)
Replacement Mouthpiece (OP-AE05MPH)
Size and Weight
133 (W) x 84 (D) x 687 (H) mm
5-1/4 (W) x 3-5/16 (D) x 27-1/16 (H) inches
Weight (including batteries)
1,140 g, 2 lb 9 oz
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