TD-25 System Update Ver. 1.10 and Custom Kits Collection #1

TD-25 System Update version 1.10 is now available for download. Download all the TD-25 updates and drivers here.

Version 1.10 Features

  • User Kit - The number of variation kits has increased from three to six.
  • Practice Functions - Two functions have been added in addition to Time Check.
  • AUDIO REC Option - Now you can choose whether to record the click or backing.
  • Internal Demo Song - If a USB flash drive is not connected, pressing the [USB SONG] button selects the internal demo song.
  • Save/Load a Single Kit - Now you can save or load a single kit to or from a USB flash drive.
  • Support for the RT-30 Drum Trigger - A larger variety of triggers are now supported.

Once the update is installed, download ten new custom drum kits here.