RC-300: Auto Record

Tags: automatic,start,recoding

The Auto Record feature in the RC-300 lets you activate the recording of a loop without having to press on one of the track REC/PLAY/DUB pedals to start the recording process. It works by detecting the signal coming into the input. If the Auto Record switch is set to "On" in a memory, when you first step on one of the REC/PLAY/DUB pedals, the RC-300 will be in "record standby" mode ( the red LED will flash rapidly).  As soon as you begin playing your instrument and the signal reaches the input on the RC-300, recording will begin automatically.

Here's how to set the Auto Record switch to "On."

1. Choose a memory location to work with.

2. Press the MEMORY/EDIT button.

3. Press parameter right repeatedly until you select "Memory:  Auto Rec."

4. Turn the MEMORY/VALUE knob to choose "ON."

5. Press WRITE twice to save the settings to the memory location.