DR-5: Choosing a Kit for a Pattern

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The DR-5 uses Kits to select the desired instruments for each track (TRACK 1,
TRACK 2, TRACK 3 and DRUM). Before you begin composing a pattern, you need to
select one of the 64 available Kits. The first 48 (P00-P47) are Preset Kits and
can not be modified. There are 16 User Kits (U00-U15) that are programmable
and can be edited. Use the following procedure to select a Kit for your pattern:

1) Press KIT.
2) Use the DATA dial to select one of the 64 Kits. Each kit consists of three
instrument tracks and a drum track.
3) Use the TRACK SEL button, located under the KIT button, to hear the
instruments and drums assigned to each track. The [TRACK SELECT] box in the
display screen will display the current track (TRACK 1, TRACK 2, TRACK 3 or

NOTE: Pages 11-7 of the Owner’s Manual contains a chart that indicates the
sounds that are assigned to each track in the kits.

NOTE: To permanently assign a Kit to a pattern, select the Kit while in record