VM-3100: Inputs -- Routing Inputs to Different Channels

Tags: vm-3100
The VM-3100 enables you to route its available twelve inputs to any one of its
twelve channels. In addition, you may route an input to more than one
channel. Use the following procedure to designate which input source you want
assigned to a specific channel:

1) While holding down [SHIFT], press the channel [SELECT] button to activate
"Channel Edit" Menu.
2) Press the UP or DOWN CURSOR to select t "Input Source".
3) Rotate the VALUE dial to choose from IN01 - IN12 (INPUT 1 -12) and DIN-L,
DIN-R (Digital
IN L/R).
4) Press [LEVEL METER] to return to the main display screen.

NOTE: You will not see the inputs for DIN-L or DIN-R unless a digital input is
connected to Digital IN A or Digital IN B.