VGA-5: Programming and Storing a Patch

Tags: memory,vga-5,write
Amplifier, speaker, EQ and effect settings can be customized and saved to memory for later recall. Use the following procedure to edit and save a patch:

1. Select an AMPLIFIER by turning the knob under AMP.

2. Select a SPEAKER by turning the knob under SPEAKER.

3. Adjust the GAIN, VOLUME and EQ settings by turning their respective knobs.

4. Select an effect by pressing the button under EFX, DELAY, CHORUS or REVERB to turn on the desired effect.

5. Press the WRITE button when you’re finished to store your settings.

6. Press the A/B button to select Bank A or B.

7. Press Buttons 1-5 to select a patch location for your edited patch.

8. Press the WRITE button again to save the patch. The WRITE button blinks quickly and then stops after the patch has been saved.