RM-2, RMP-1: Selecting the Pad Instrument

Tags: trigger,sounds,rm-2,rmp-1
There are 28 different instruments to choose from in the RM-2. If two trigger pads are connected to each trigger input, a different instrument can be assigned to each pad/trigger. Use the following steps to change the instruments:

1. Press the SELECT button until the LED is flashing under "PAD INST".

2. Hit the RP-2 pad (or trigger pad) that's connected to the TRIG 1 input to audition the currently selected instrument.

3. Press the VALUE UP or DOWN buttons to choose the desired instrument (1-28). For a detailed list of each instrument, refer to the RMP-1 Owner’s Manual.

4. If an additional pad/trigger is connected to the TRIG 2 input, repeat steps 2-3.

3. When finished, press the SELECT button repeatedly until you return to the normal tempo display.
TIP: You can also return to the tempo display by holding down the SELECT button for at least two seconds.