VS-2480CD, VS-2480: Formatting the Hard Drive

Tags: vs-2480,vs-2480cd,drive,format,initialize,partition

To keep the hard drive working correctly, you will need to format it on a regular basis. Use the following procedure to format your hard drive.

CAUTION:Formatting the hard drive erases ALL recordings and data on the drive. This includes any installed plug-ins as well. Be sure to back up all of your project data (recordings) and plug-ins to CD/DVD(s) before formatting the drive. The following links will guide you through this:

Backing Up Projects to CD

Backing Up Plug-Ins

1. Press PROJECT.

2. Use the CURSOR arrows to Select "IDE:0".

3. Press PAGE until "FmtDrv" is displayed above F2.

4. Press F2.

5. CURSOR to "Physical Format".

6. Rotate the TIME/VALUE dial so that "On" is selected.

7. CURSOR to "Surface Scan".

8. Rotate the TIME/VALUE dial so that "On" is selected.

9. Press F5 [OK].

10. Press ENTER/YES two times.

Note:The amount of time that it takes to format the drive will depend on the size of the drive.