Fantom, FA-76: Chaining Patterns to Build a Song

Tags: pattern,recording,fantom,fa-76
The Fantom keyboard can easily chain several Patterns together to create a song.

NOTE: Refer to Help Desk entry "Recording into a Pattern" for information on how to create patterns.

Follow these steps to chain Patterns together to create a song:

1. Press MENU.

2. Turn the VALUE dial to highlight "Song Edit."

3. Press F8 to "Select."

4. Use the CURSOR Up or Down buttons to select a track to record on.

5. Press F6 "Step Rec" to enter step recording.

6. Press F8 "Start."

7. Press F4 "Pattern."

8. Turn the VALUE dial to select the first pattern to be chained.

9. Press F8 "Put Pattern" to insert the pattern.

10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 to to insert additional pattern messages.

Note: Press F6 "Step Back" to erase a pattern message that is unwanted.

11. Press EXIT when you are finished.