Fantom, FA-76: Auditioning Performances

Tags: fantom,fa-76
The Fantom has 64 totally new performances that make it a great instrument for
playing live. To check out the onboard performances:

1. Press MODE and turn the VALUE dial to select PERFORMANCE.
2. Press 8 (Select).
3. Turn the VALUE dial to select a performance.
4. Try playing different areas of the keyboard. In some performances:

different patches play in different keyboard zones.
patches are layered on top of each other.
rhythm patterns can be triggered by playing the highest E on the keyboard
or the 11 keys just
below it.
other areas of the keyboard add arpeggios to the rhythm patterns.

NOTE: Rhythm patterns and arpeggios can be turned off by pressing ARPEGGIO or
RHYTHM so the button's not lit.