VS-1680, VS-1880, VS-1824, VS-1824CD: Resetting / Initializing Song Parameters

Tags: reset,factory,init,initialize,settings,prm,parameter,default

Initializing the Song parameters resets the mixer, and all parameters attributed to the Song file, back to the default settings. The default settings are the factory set positions of parameters such as EQ, Routing and effects and are the positions of the parameters when you first create a new song.

  1. Hold [SHIFT] and press [F5 (SYSTEM)]. If the System menu icon does not appear, press [F6 (EXIT)].

  2. Press [F1 (INIT)]. If “INIT” does not appear above [F1], first press [PAGE] until “INIT” appears above [F1], then press [F2 (INIT)]. “Init Mixer/System PRM Sure?” appears in the display.

  3. Press [ENTER/YES].

  4. Press [PLAY (DISPLAY)] to return to the Playlist display.