VM-3100, VM-3100Pro: Updating the VM-3100/VM-3100Pro

Tags: system,update,version,vm-3100,vm-3100pro
VM-3100 and VM-3100Pro can be user-updated using Standard MIDI Files (SMF). The Following tools are required:

* VM-3100 or VM-3100Pro
* Sequender that can load and play SMFs
* MIDI Cable
* Update files

Warning: Do not turn the power off during the update. This can damage the memory of the VM-3100/Pro.

1. Connect the MIDI Out of the sequencer to the MIDI In of the VM-3100/3100Pro.

2. Power on while holding down the Channel 2 and 5 SELECT buttons. "MIDI System Update?" will be displayed.

3. Press ENTER/YES and confirm that the Main part only is selected. If not, press F3 to select it.

4. Press F4. "Erase Old System OK?" will be displayed.

5. Press ENTER/YES, "Waiting MIDI-EX" will be displayed.

6. Load and play back the files "vm310001.mid" to "vm310005.mid" in order from the sequencer.

7. When "Please Reboot OK" is displayed, power off the VM-3100/Pro then turn it back on.