TD-3SW, TD-3SV, TD-3: Not able to get Dual Trigger Response from the Snare when using a Roland Mesh Pad:

Tags: dual,sensitivity,pad,trigger,td-3,td-3sw,td-3sv
If you're unable to get dual trigger response from your snare mesh pad, it's most likely due to an improper "Trigger Type" setting in the TD-3. To set the trigger type for the snare pad, use the following steps:

Note: First confirm that an appropriate dual trigger cable is being used for the pad, and it's connected correctly to the TD-3.

1. With the TD-3's power turned on, press and hold the LEVEL/PAN button, and then press TEMPO.

2. Release LEVEL/PAN and TEMPO, then hit the snare pad.

3. Press the + or - buttons to select the appropriate trigger type for the pad:
For a PDX-8, PD-80R, PD-85, choose "80r".
For a PD-105, choose "105".
For a PD-120 or PD-125 choose "125".

4. Press the DRUM KIT button when you're finished.