TD-20, TD-20S: Triggering Instruments in the Percussion Part

Tags: td-20,td-20s

It's possible to use the pads to trigger the instruments in the percussion part of the TD-20. This can be a useful tool when wanting to create a separate percussion part in the TD-20's sequencer. Use the following steps to set up the TD-20 so the pads are triggering the percussion part:

  1. Press SETUP.
  2. Press F1 [MIDI].
  3. Press F2 [GLOBAL].
  4. Use the CURSOR Up / Down buttons to select "Local Control." By default, the local control setting is "ON DRUM". 
  5. Turn the VALUE dial to select "ON PERC."
  6. Press EXIT twice to return to the main "Drum Kit" menu. Note: The pads will now be triggering the percussion part instruments. The percussion part is found in the sequencer section of the TD-20. For more info about the percussion part and selecting different percussion sets, refer to chapter 6 (Sequencer playback) in the TD-20 manual.