VS-2000CD: Recalling a Locator

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Locators store the time of the current position in a TRACK/STATUS button. The button lights up once the time is stored in Locator mode. When pressed, the lighted button jumps to the position of that stored time in the project. There are six banks of 16 locators.

Changing Locator Banks:

1. Hold down the LOCATOR[SCENE] button for two seconds, or until the Bank Locator Select box appears on the screen.
2. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select the appropriate bank.
3. Press the ENTER[YES] button to select the bank.

Recalling a Locator:

1. Press the LOCATOR[SCENE] button if it is not already lit green.
2. If the currently selected locator bank has the locator you want, press the locator's lit TRACK/STATUS button.

Note: Remaining in Locator Mode
You can set the VS-2000 so that it remains in Locator mode, or returns back to the Tracks Status mode immediately after pressing a locator.