VS-2480, VS-2400, VS-2000: Editing Scenes

Tags: vs-2400,vs-2480,vs-2000,editing,edit,clear,store,recall,scene
Once you've created a Scene on the VS-2480/2400/2000 you can edit that Scene from the Utility Menu.

1. Press [UTILITY] (SHIFT+UTILITY on the VS-2400/2000).

2. Use the [ARROW/CURSOR] buttons to navigate to SCENE. Press [ENTER/YES].

3. Use the [ARROW/CURSOR] buttons or [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to select a Scene that you want to edit. Your edit options are NAME [F1], CLEAR [F2], STORE [F3], RECALL [F4], and CH SEL [F5].

NAME - Allows you to name or rename your scene.

Press [F1]. Use the [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to select a letter/number, and use the [ARROW/CURSOR] buttons to select the next character in the name. Press OK[F5] to save the name.

CLEAR - Deletes the scene

Press [F2] to delete the selected scene. WARNING!!! The Scene is deleted as soon as you press F2 and you can't undo it.

STORE - Stores your current mixer settings to the selected Scene

Press [F3]. The VS will ask you if you want to overwrite the current scene. Press [ENTER/YES] or [EXIT/NO].

RECALL - Loads the selected Scene

Press [F4].

CH SEL - Allows you to select which channels will be affected when you recall/load a Scene.

Press [F5] to go to the CH SEL screen. Any channel that is represented with a shaded (black) square will be changed when a Scene is recalled. Any channel that shows a clear (white) square will not change from its current state when a Scene is recalled. To change the status of the squares, use the [ARROW/CURSOR] buttons to select a channel and the [TIME/VALUE] DIAL to choose whether the channel is shaded or clear.