SI-24, Studio Package Pro, SPP: Using the Digital Input?

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Recording from a Digital source into the SI-24 requires you to set the clock and sample rate accordingly with a matching sample rate.

1- Connect the S/P DIF Digital Out of your source unit to the DIGITAL IN on the SI-24.

2- Press the (DIGITAL IN) button to turn it on and should be lit solid showing the the signal is locked.

3- Open the CONTROL PANEL for RPC-1
4- Select the "Hardware Settings" Tab and change the Master Clock setting from INT-CLOCK to EXT-CLOCK.

5- Set the EXT. CLOCK SAMPLE RATE to 44,100.
6- Click SAVE and name something refering to using DIGITAL INPUT.
7- Click DONE.

The digital signal is sent into RBUS Inputs 7/8. If you want to use the analog inputs 7/8, then turn off the DIGITAL IN button and change the Hardward Settings back to INT Clock.