Fantom, FA-76: Recording into a Pattern

Tags: fantom,fa-76
Use the following steps to record directly in to a Pattern instead of a Song

1. Press MODE and select "MULTITIMBRE."
2. Press 8 "SELECT."
3. Use CURSOR UP and DOWN to select which Part you wish to use for recording.
4. Use CURSOR LEFT and RIGHT and VALUE dial to select a sound for that Part.

Note: you can use the LIST button to select the sounds as well.

5. Press MENU and select "Pattern Edit."
6. Press 8 "SELECT."
7. Press REC to display the "Recording Standby" menu.
8. Use VALUE Dial to select a Pattern location for recording.
9. Press 8 or STOP/PLAY to begin recording.
10. When finished press STOP/PLAY to stop recording.

Note: To record additional material into the same pattern, press EXIT and
repeat steps 2-8. Be sure to set the Mode to "Mix" when in the Recording
Standby menu.