DR-670: Changing Instruments in a User Kit

Tags: editing,dr-670
User Kits can use any sound in the DR-670 instrument list. Use the following procedure to change a drum sound in a User Kit:

1. Press DRUM A/B to select "DRUM A" or "DRUM B" in the upper left hand corner of the display.

2. While holding SHIFT, press DRUM KIT EDIT, then release SHIFT.

3. While holding SHIFT, press DRUM A/B, so the number displayed in the lower left corner of the screen is flashing. This is the drum kit number.

4. Continue to hold SHIFT, and use the TEMPO/DATA dial to select a user kit, between 65 and 128.

Note: Preset kits numbered 1 through 64 can be edited, but edits or changes cannot be stored. If a preset drum kit is edited, it must be copied to a user location. To copy a kit, refer to the owners manual or check “Copying a Drum Kit” in this Help Desk.

5. Release SHIFT and press one of the Pads that contains an instrument you want to change.

6. Turn the TEMPO/VALUE dial to select a new instrument for that pad.

Note: Preview the sound of each instrument by pressing the selected pad and, if necessary, turning the TEMPO/VALUE dial to select a different sound. Repeat this process as often as desired.

7. Once the desired instruments have been selected, press START to hear the pattern play back using the new, edited drum kit.