VS-1680: Creating Master Data for CD

Tags: vs-1680
What is written to the CD-R disc is performance data of the current song in two
tracks (stereo tracks). This is not necessarily the performance data that can
be heard from the ouput from the MASTER jacks or PHONES jack. Song data that
can be written to CD-R discs for the creation of original audio CDs must
satisfy the following conditions. Check the disc you plan to use.

Sample rate and recording mode: Only songs with a sample rate of 44.1 kHz can
be written to CD-R discs. Songs with sample rates other than this cannot be
written to CD-R discs. While any recording mode may be used, for the
higher-quality original CDs, either MTP (Multi-Track Pro), MAS (Mastering), or
MT1 (Multi-Track1) is recommended.

Mixing: The content of adjustments made to mixer settings during playback are
not recorded to the CD-R disc. For example, in a normal performance, even if
you control fade-ins and fade-outs with the master fader, this is not reflected
in what is written to the CD-R disc; rather, it ends up sounding as if the
sound is cutting in and out. Adjust equalizer, level, pan, and other settings
during track bouncing.