Fantom, FA-76: Using the Arpeggiator with a Patch

Tags: fantom,fa-76
The arpeggiator is a powerful performance tool.
Use the following steps to utilize the arpeggiator in Patch mode:

1. Press MODE and rotate VALUE dial to select Patch.
2. Press 8 to "Select."
3. Select Patch "PR-A:001 Grand XV.”
4. Press ARPEGGIO so it is lit.
5. Play a single note with your right hand.
6. Hold JUMP and press ARPEGGIO to display the Arpeggio edit menu.
7. Use the CURSOR keys and VALUE dial to set Style to “EP PROGRES1 PHR” and
Motif to “PHRASE.”
8. Play a single note on the keyboard.
9. Experiment with different Styles and Variations.
10. Press 8 to CLOSE.