VS-2400, VS-2480: Copying Mixer Settings To A New Project

Tags: vs-2400,vs-2480,copy,settings,mixer,project
On your VS, you can copy your Mixer Settings and project related Utility Parameters from an existing Project to a new Project as you're creating it.

1. Load the Project with the settings that you want to copy to your new Project. Press [PROJECT], then press [F2] for NEW.

2. In the PROJECT NEW screen, use the [ARROW/CURSOR]buttons to navigate to the "Copy Utility Prm" field.

Use the [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to turn this paramater ON if you want to copy project-related Utility settings (like Master Clock or Input Peak Level settings)to your new project.

3. Again, use the [ARROW/CURSOR] buttons to navigate to the "Copy Mixer/Scene PRM" field.

Use the [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to turn this parameter ON if you want to copy all of the mixer settings (like fader levels, pans, EQ, and FX settings) as well as scenes to your new project.

4. Press [F5]"OK" to create your new project.