Windows XP: Unzipping a file with Windows XP

Tags: windows,download,zip,xp,zipped
When a file's downloaded from the internet, it usually consists of several files compressed (or "zipped") into one in order to keep their size small, and the download simple. You'll need to uncompress, or "extract," the zipped file to return its files back to their original form for use.

Here's how to "unzip" a downloaded driver file for a Roland/BOSS product.

1. Use the right-hand mouse button to right-click on the downloaded Zip file.

Note: This is the only time you need to use the right-hand mouse button. All other clicks are with the left mouse button.

2. Select "Extract All..." This launches the Compressed (zipped) Folders Extraction Wizard.

3. Click Next>. You're shown a destination directory that in most cases doesn't need to be changed.

4. Click Next>. The Wizard extracts the files to a directory with the same name and location as the downloaded file.

5. Make sure the box marked "Show extracted files" is checked, and click Finish. The extracted folder appears.