XP-50: Realtime Erase

Tags: xp-50
The Realtime Erase function allows you to erase unwanted data during Mix
recording. For example, when using the Loop function to Mix Record rhythm
instruments, you can use the Realtime Erase function to erase a specific rhythm
instrument. Use the following procedure to erase data during recording:

During Mix Recording:
1) Press EDIT so it is lit.
2) Press ERASE to see the Realtime Erase display during Mix Recording.
3) Press REC to erase all data recorded in the selected track, or press a
specific key to erase only the notes associated with that key.

NOTE: As long as you continue pressing the key, all notes of the corresponding
note number will be erased. If you hold down more than one key, the range
between the two keys will be erased.

4) Press EXIT to return to the previous Mix recording mode when you have