RSP-550: MIDI Patch Mapping

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The MIDI compatibility of the RSP-550 significantly increases its versatility.
Using MIDI, it is possible to call up any of the 199 Patches from a MIDI foot
pedal (such as the BOSS FC-50) or a MIDI sequencer. Use the following procedure
to set up a Patch Map for incoming program change messages:

1) Press SYSTEM so "MIDI CHANNEL" is displayed.
2) Use the VALUE UP/DOWN buttons to select "MIDI CHANNEL 1."
3) Press PROGRAM UP two times to display "Prog Change Map / MIDI#001>Prg#001."
4) Use VALUE UP/DOWN buttons to select an incoming program change message.
5) Press the PROGRAM UP button once to move the cursor under Program # and use
VALUE UP/DOWN buttons to select the program number.
6) Press EXIT to return to the standard play mode.