JS-5: Creating Your Own Song with EZ Compose

Tags: js-5
You can use the EZ Compose feature to create original songs on the JS-5:

1. Press SONG so it’s lit.

2. Press USER and turn the VALUE dial to select a user song. An empty user song location is indicated by "*" on the display.

3. Press EZ so it’s lit and use the SONG/STYLE BANK buttons to select a category.

4. Turn the VALUE dial to select a style, and then press ENTER.

5. Turn the VALUE dial to select a chord template:
. BluesChord 1-9 for songs with blues chord progressions.
. MajorChord 1-24 for songs with major-key melodies.
. MinorChord 1-17 for songs with minor-key melodies.

6. Once you’ve decided on a chord template, press ENTER.

7. Turn the VALUE dial to set the tempo, and then press ENTER.

8. Turn the VALUE dial to specify the key of the song, and then press ENTER.

9. The screen will display "Are You Sure?" Press ENTER to create your song.

10. Press PLAY to hear your new song.