BR-1180CD, BR-1180: Protecting the Current Song

Tags: song,br-1180cd,br-1180,protect
You can imagine situations where, after taking care to save a song onto the hard disk, you accidentally overwrite it with a recording, deleting the performance itself.
To prevent such accidents, you can protect song data so that it cannot be rewritten accidentally (Song Protect). Use the following procedure to protect the current song:

1. Press UTILITY.

2. Use the CURSOR buttons to select the “SONG” icon, and press ENTER.

3. Use the CURSOR buttons to select the “PROTECT” icon, then press ENTER. The display will ask “Protect Off/On?”

4. Use CURSOR to select the “ON,” and press ENTER.

If you have changed the recording, editing, or mixing settings, or effect song patches, The display will ask “Save Current?”. If you wish to save the current song, the state of the mixer, and any changes in the song patch before you execute the Song Erase operation, press YES. If you wish to execute the Song Erase operation without saving, press NO.

5. The Song Protect operation will be executed. “Complete!” appears in the display, and you are returned to the top page.

* When a song is protected, the display will show the song protect symbol (a small padlock) next to the song title.