VM-3100, VM-3100PRO: Copying EQ Settings to Another Channel

Tags: vm-3100,vm-3100pro
Use the following procedure to copy equalizer settings to another channel of
the VM-3100/3100Pro:

1) Call up the equalizer screen.
2) Press SELECT on the channel on which you want to save these settings.
3) Press F1-F4 ON/OFF. The functions appear in the display.
4) Press F2 [SAVE].
5) Press UP CURSOR to select "No."
6) Rotate the VALUE dial to select the position in the library where you want
to save these settings.
7) Press DOWN CURSOR to select "Name."
8) Use the LEFT and RIGHT CURSOR buttons and the VALUE dial to input the name.
9) Press ENTER/YES two times. Alternatively, you can press F4 [EXEC] followed