FANTOM X8, FANTOM X7, FANTOM X6: Assigning System Controllers

Tags: control,effects,fantom,x6,x7,x8
The Fantom X6/7/8's four system controllers can be used to affect patches in different ways. In fact, patches can be edited to respond uniquely from one another even though they might be receiving the same controller messages. For example, one patch might be set to have one or more tones change pitch when it receives a Sys Ctrl 1 message. Another patch receiving the same Sys Ctrl 1 message could have a filter change take place. Even effect parameters can be modified by system controllers.

The four system controllers can be assigned to any MIDI control change number (0-127), Aftertouch or Pitchbend. By default, the System Controllers are assigned as follows;

Sys Ctrl 1: CC01 Modulation
Sys Ctrl 2: Aftertouch
Sys Ctrl 3: CC02 Breath
Sys Ctrl 4: CC04 Foot Type

To control an effect or patch that is set to respond to one or more of the system controllers, the system must receive the MIDI Control Change, Aftertouch or Pitch bend message that a system controller is assigned to.
- For example, the patch “"PR-A 80 Perky Organ" has Sys Ctrl 1 assigned to control the speed of the rotary effect. When you move the MOD lever forward, CC01 messages are generated, and the rotary speed increases. Assigning an external foot pedal or the D-Beam to CC01 would produce the same result (the rotary speed would change).
In addition, reassigning Sys Ctrl 1 to "Aftertouch" would increase the rotary speed by pressing harder on the keys.

To reassign a System Controller use the following steps;

1. Press MENU.

2. Press CURSOR down to select "System."

3. Press ENTER.

4. Press the F1 or F2 buttons to select "System Ctrl."

5. Press the CURSOR up or down buttons to select the "Source" for any of the four controllers, and then turn the VALUE dial to choose the desired controller.