BR-1600CD, BR-1600: SYMPTOM: The Volume is Low on a CD That I Burned

Tags: cd,level,burn,volume,low,bounce,mastering

Low volume levels from CDs that were burned on the BR-1600CD are usually due to lower mixdown levels when Bouncing and/or Mastering. In the BR-1600CD, look at the MIX level while Bouncing and Mastering and be sure that the meter is averaging as close to 0dB as possible--without going over and distorting.


If the meter is averaging at -12 or lower, rebounce and/or remaster the song(s) with the MIX meter level higher. This can be accomplished by raising the individual track faders and/or raising the MASTER fader when Bouncing and Mastering. This will allow the hottest volume levels possible to be burned to CDs.