JP-8000: Connecting to an External Sequencer

Tags: recording,sequencer,jp-8000
Here are the settings required for using the JP-8000 with an external sequencer.
  • Local Switch ([MIDI SW]): OFF
  • Edit Transmit/Receive Switch ([MIDI SW]): OFF
  • Exclusive Receive Switch ([MIDI SW]): ON
  • Program Change Transmit/Receive Switch ([MIDI SW]): BANK SEL + PC

1. Connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI IN of the JP-8000 to the MIDI OUT of the external sequencer.

2. Place the external sequencer in Record mode.

3. Make sure that the selected part in the JP-8000 has the same MIDI channel as the track in the sequencer.

4. Begin recording in the sequencer.

5. Play the JP-8000.

6. Stop recording on the sequencer once the phrase has been recorded.