VS-2480HD, VS-2480CD, VS-2480: VS-2480: Input distortion issue

Tags: input,vs-2480,vs-2480cd,vs-2480hd,level,sensitivity,distortion,gain,clip,clipping
If you have experienced unusual harmonic distortion when using the XLR or 1/4" analog inputs 1-16 under normal conditions, use this procedure to ensure optimal performance of the analog input preamps. Apply enough input signal to the particular input preamp, until the LED Peak Indicator lights (indicating clipping), and then to lower the input signal to a nominal level below clipping. Please remember to turn power off to monitor speakers or lower ALL output signals from the VS-2480 prior to performing this procedure to prevent possible speaker/headphone damage or hearing discomfort. Audio signal must be present at the chosen analog input(s) to successfully perform this procedure.

1. Power on the VS-2480, and load an existing Project or create a new Project from the Project List.

2. Turn off any connected speakers or lower/mute ALL audio outputs...Master Fader, Phones 1/2, Monitor Knob, AUX Send Masters, Direct Outs, etc.

3. In the UTILITY:GLOBAL PARAMETER page(1), the PEAK INPUT LEVEL should be changed to 0dB.

4. Insert an audio source into an XLR or 1/4" input jack (i.e. A microphone, keyboard, or guitar plugged into Input 1).

5. Verify that a moderate audio signal is being sent from the audio source (i.e. Play the instrument or sing into the microphone).

6. Use the Sensitivity knob next to the input jack to adjust the amount of incoming signal so that there is enough audio signal to clip the Peak Indicator light for approximately 1-2 seconds, then adjust the Sensitivity knob counterclockwise so that the incoming audio level is in the normal input range of -12dB up to, but not exceeding 0dB.

This procedure should be repeated on any analog inputs used in the current recording session. There is no need to repeat this procedure on previously "optimized" inputs as long as the VS-2480 is powered On.