R-05: How To Record with the Built In Stereo Microphone

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The following steps will guide you through the basic procedure for recording with the installed stereo microphone.

  1. On the back of the R-05, make the following settings:
    Note: The following are just guidelines and not strict rules.
    Use the High Gain ("L") setting for software signals such as dialogue, an interview, etc.
    Use the Low Gain ("L") setting for loud sources such as a live band playing.
    Keep in mind, a low source signal that is boosted on any recorder will produce noise. Positioning the R-05 closer to a quiet source is better than increasing the input gain too far. Alternatively, a signal that is too high will produce digital distortion (crackling and popping.)
    LIMITER: Set to the "OFF" position as a starting point. If audio distorts occasionally, set this to "ON".
    LOW CUT: Set to the "OFF" position if recording music. Set to the "ON" position if recording dialogue.
  2. Press the red Record button on the R-05 so that it flashes red.
  3. Use the INPUT + and - buttons to adjust the input level on the screen so that the audio source averages between "12" and "6" on the meter.

  4. Press the REC button a second time to begin recording.
  5. Press STOP to stop recording.
  6. Press PLAY to hear the recording.

    The R-05 does not include installed speakers. Headphones or speakers will need to be connected to hear recording.