TB-3: A Short Tutorial

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Here are the core steps needed to start using your TB-3. 



- Use Touchpad as a keyboard

- Use XY PLAY to play between notes

- Press hard to modulate

- Modulate CUTOFF and RESONANCE knobs to shape sound

- Select ENV MOD to open up filter shape

- Press hard to modulate

- Use VALUE dial to change sounds

  • Bank A: All original TB-303 Sounds and Mods
  • Bank B: Bass sounds
  • Bank C: Lead Sounds
  • Bank D: SFX

- EFFECT knob gives a unique effect to each sound

- Hold ENV MOD and use Touchpad to tune your TB-3

- Press TEMPO and use dial to change tempo

- Hold TEMPO and press SCATTER to tap tempo

- Hold TEMPO and turn the dial to add Shuffle/Swing


- Press PTN SELECT to access your patterns 

- You can also chain patterns together by pressing and dragging in whichever order you want

-  Jumping from one pattern to another is also possible

- Hold KEYBOARD and touch the touchpad to enter TRANSPOSE MODE

- Hold PTN SELECT and press SCATTER for random pattern generation

- Hold KEYBOARD and press SCATTER for pattern tweaks

- Press REALTIME REC to save

- Press SCATTER and touch the touchpad for chopping effects

- Value dial will change scatter mode if scatter is pressed, there are 8 to choose from

- Hold PTN SELECT and press CLEAR to clear current pattern

- Hold STEP REC and use dial to change the length of the pattern



- Play keyboard. The notes will be quantized automatically

- Press STEP REC for manual programming

- If stopped, the TB-3 will automatically go to the next step after you input a note

- Use the DIAL to select step, as well

- Adjust your patterns with ACCENTS and SLIDES

- Clear notes by pressing CLEAR, in STEP REC or REALTIME REC mode