FR-8X: How to Install and Charge the Battery

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FR-8X: How to Install and Charge the Battery

Charging the V-Accordion battery is easier than ever with the FR-8X V-accordion model.  A “DC adapter” will be provided with the accordion upon purchase, which is what you will use to charge the accordion.

Here's how to install the battery into the FR-8X accordion:

1) Set the accordion down so that you can access the back of it, and un-button the chest pad so you can take it off.  

2) Remove the cover to the battery compartment using a quarter or a screw driver.

3) To install the battery, look for the loose wire coming out of the accordion, and connect it to the loose wire coming from the battery.  

4) Put the battery in the compartment

5) Place the battery cover back on, screwing it on tightly with a tool.  

6) Button the chest pad back onto the accordion

Once you’ve installed the battery into the accordion, you’re ready to charge:

1) The AC adapter comes in two parts.  One half is the main charging unit with a chord attached that will plug into the accordion, while the other half is a separate chord with a normal power outlet plug on one end. Plug these two pieces together. 

2) Plug the AC adapter into a wall outlet to provide power to the charger.

3) Plug the other end of the AC adapter into the bottom of the accordion, into the hole that says “DC IN”.

4) Press and hold the button on the accordion that says “CHARGE”.  It will blink red a few times, and then will turn into a solid red light.  This means that it is charging.   

5) When the light turns green, the accordion is fully charged!  A fully charged FR-8X battery at the beginning of its life will last around 8-10 hours.