V-STUDIO 100, VS-100: Driver Installer Does Not Complete (Windows)

Tags: driver,install,vista,windows,stuck,xp

When the V-STUDIO 100 is not recognized by your computer during the driver installation process, your V-STUDIO 100 is most likely in "STORAGE" mode. If this is ON, the SD card slot can be used as a USB mass storage device when connected to a computer. However, when this is ON the USB audio/MIDI interface functionality cannot be used--and thus, driver install will not be possible. To turn this off:

1. Disconnect the USB cable from the V-STUDIO 100.
2. Press and hold the DISPLAY button for two seconds. The UTILITY screen appears.
3. Use the CURSOR/VALUE dial to select "STORAGE".
4. Press the CURSOR/VALUE dial inward and then turn the dial counterclockwise to "OFF".
5. Power off the V-STUDIO 100 and then power back on. Your V-STUDIO 100 will be out of storage mode and can now be used as an audio/MIDI interface.