VS-1680, VS-1880, VS-1824: Bouncing tracks?

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You can combine the audio of two or more tracks to be re-recorded onto another track which is known as TRACK BOUNCING. The process involves routing the playback tracks to an empty track and record a mixdown of that audio. Best to record to a pair of stereo linked route any input to any track by using the instructions below. Note: You may want to CH Link tracks as desired before routing.

1- Press the FADER/MUTE button so that TR is lit solid.
2- Hold the status button for the track you want to record
onto. (( You will continue holding down the STATUS
button for steps 3-5))
3- Press the CLEAR button to clear any previous routing.
4- Press the TRACK SELECT button, which is the middle
button above the faders, for each of the track you want
to BOUNCE FROM. On the LCD screen will see a line drawn
from the Bottom(TRACK) drawn up to the middle row
5- TO bounce with FX, you need to press the (EFFECT 1-4RTN)
buttons accordingly that are just below the Monitor &
Phone knobs. To assign FX-3 & FX-4 return, you need to
hold SHIFT for them to be routed.
6- Set levels and press the STATUS button (RED) to arm for
7- Press Record and Play and you are now recording
(BOUNCING) the tracks to recording tracks you armed.

CD Burning...

Track-at-Once would be used when you want to record a song to CD one at a time. You can select whether or not you want to finalize at any time. If the CD is not finalized, you can continue to add songs to the CD. When all songs are added you can finalize the CD and then it is able to be played in a standard CD player.

Disk-at-Once would be used if you have multiple songs all mixed down onto two tracks, lined up one after another, and you want to burn an entire CD in one burning session. You would want to place CD track markers between songs so that each song has an individual track number on the CD.
See related topic for CD TRACK MARKERS.

Write+Finalize - This function records the data from the VS-series hard drive, transfers CD Track Numbers and completes the CD by writing the Table Of Contents (TOC). When done, this CD is ready for playback in any CD player, and no additional audio may be added.
This option can be used on a partially recorded CD to add additional tracks and to finalize it immediately afterward. In this case, the total number of tracks previously recorded on the CD plus the number of tracks to be added cannot be more than 99. Also, the total time previously recorded on the CD plus the time of tracks to be added cannot exceed 74 or 80 minutes, depending on the CD-R you are using.

Write w/o Finalize - This function allows multi-session recording of audio on the CD. You can gradually assemble your songs onto the CD. A partially recorded CD cannot be played back in a CD player until it has been 'finalized' by writing the Table Of Contents (TOC). However, it can be played back in the VS-CDR (See section 'CD Player Mode'). Once the TOC is written, no additional audio may be added to the CD.
This is a good way to assemble your CD if you have a 540MB hard drive, or you're simply not ready to record the entire CD at one time. With this option, you can add songs to the CD at your convenience.

Finalize - This function finishes a multi-session CD, making it playable in all CD players by writing the TOC. Once the Finalize function is performed, no additional audio may be added to the CD.