Lucina AX-09: Registering Frequently Used Tones in Memory (FAVORITE)

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Using these steps you can register up to twelve tones into the FAVORITE memory locations.  This also include any edits you may have done to those regular tones. Both will be saved to the FAVORITE location.

Note: Only regular tones can be registered in FAVORITE memory.


1. Select the tone that you want to register in a FAVORITE location.

2. Press the WRITE button.

3. Press the FAVORITE [A] / [B] button to select bank you want to register the favorite.

4. Press one of the TONE [ 1-6 ] buttons to select the memory location. ( The button you pressed will light, and the tone will be registered in that FAVORITE memory location. The WRITE button will go out).

Note: To return to regular tones press the lit FAVORITE button until it's off.